The GT Bicycles Malverns Classic DWUK Round 3


This coming weekend see’s round 3 of the DMR Dirt Wars National FMB Series and we will be at the Malverns Classic MTB Festival in Ledbury. All riders need to go over to and buy a festival ticket, which one you will need will be as follows.


If you just want to ride the main competition on SATURDAY then you need to purchase a day ticket (you will get practice)

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DMR Dirt Wars Round 2 Chicksands Video Edit


Check out the Video Edit from round 2 at Chicksands Bike Park.


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DMR Dirt Wars Round 2 2019 Series Chicksands Bike Park


We normally start our series off at Chicksands Bike Park in Bedfordshire due to the fact their the smallest jumps on our series and its also the only venue we use with real Dirt take offs and not wooden kickers, This usually eases the riders into the coming series and gives us a good platform to start the series. This year things had to change a little bit as dates with other venues couldn't be met so we had to start the series at Radical Bike Park and take Chicky as our second round.

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